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I don’t know. I think that sometimes, somewhere, somehow, our minds mingle in a distantverse of its own. I won’t be able to tell what you’re thinking right there and then, but there will be the little signs – the shy, blink-and-you’ll-miss wink that you gave me one fine morning; the brilliant smile that parts your gleamingly white teeth, neatly arranged like white picket fences outside a tiny cottage by the quaint English countryside; the nervous twirl you make with your little finger whenever agitation sets in when the papers in your in-tray make their own Mount Everest.

Not acknowledging those signs doesn’t mean I’m denying your very existence, but I wish the message could come clearer and faster. Now, it’s like trying to make some sense out of this murky water of a bottle lost at sea for centuries – the only remains left of an already-long-decomposed lovingly-handwritten letter to a loved one. And then a ship comes into view over the horizon – a lone, inky black figure over the biting reflection of the sun on the high seas – but I can’t tell if it’s the Sea Sprite or the HMS Beagle.

Disintegrating words, different ages; disappearing faces, aging places.

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  1. You poet, you.

    Kheldar | 28/01/10 12:28 AM

  2. Kheldar – Eh, I’m a terrible poet. (Got your email – expect a reply before the week ends! :D)

    Strizzt | 28/01/10 08:44 PM

  3. Ach! I just checked back here, didn’t know you issued a deadline haha! Definetely missed it,

    Kheldar | 03/02/10 04:44 PM

  4. Kheldar – Ack, I’ve no idea why I’ve started issuing deadlines for non-work related stuff, too! Arghghghghghg…

    Strizzt | 04/02/10 07:39 PM

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