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This is, like, the best piece of news I have heard in a long, long while.

Oh. My. God.

Okay. Pardon the silence. It has been a few long, hard, tiring weeks at work, and there are hardly any signs of slowing down. I leave for the office and for home without ever seeing the light of the day, and this is not going to end until February comes around.

Oh, besides that, we got to hear of some redundancy announcements, and prospects of no increments nor bonuses for the new year.

And then, I received a rather dubious-looking mousepad-cum-wrist-support for the secret Santa gift exchange. Well, it is somewhat an improvement from last year – nothing beats getting paper clips, I tell you, so you will just have to trust me on this one.

So. To sum it all up: work is still piling up on me, and fast, like a never-ending avalanche. I get the strangest gifts ever from perfect strangers, though they – both the gift and the giver – may be ones that can probably turn into fun topics of discussion, or unintentional victims of voodoo magic. Unflattering pictures of myself keep getting tagged left, right and centre on that social networking site, so much so that I must reconsider my participation (or lack of) in it. I lost track of the first few days of the month and am now left trying to salvage whatever I can to savour the rest of what I hope will be a merry December after all.

Naturally, this all sounds like doom and gloom.

But today, I found out that my favourite Norwegian duo is coming to town. TO TOWN! HERE! MALAYSIA! OHMYGOD! UPPERCASEALLTHEWAY!

Hope. Expectations. They can be oh so evil. But heck – I need a brief respite from the madness of work. The most I can afford to lose is a false high from this – like a cheap ecstasy drug that seems to work because you will it to.

(One piece of crucial information was missing, though: how the hell can I get tickets, damn it?)

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