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Guess what, wolf? The three little pigs got to you first this time.

The saddest haul, ever...

It must have been the soaring expectations, still thick in the air after the fabulous one that was held just back in May

of it having the unfortunate honour of being the first books warehouse sale that I have ever had to queue up to an hour for, just to gain entry…

the narrower, claustrophobic-inducing aisles that permit less room for decent navigation, resulting in some having to struggle to balance their boxes of books high above their heads…

the two hours spent there quickly browsing through the books, throwing worrying glances at the checkout lines, dodging boxes of various sizes and doing the tango just to get to the next table of books…

and yet not really finding anything worth fighting for…

… but I find it difficult to have some joy out of this one, so I present to you the saddest haul, ever. The investments are not so great this time: so little returns for so much effort. I do have to give credit to their staff, though – they are polite, smiling and helpful, staying collected and calm even at the prospect of facing a war that is surely not easy to win.

Above all, if it is going to be held at that same venue the next time, then – no, thank you: I shall give it a miss. Pfbttttt.

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