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I have always been not that keen to make comments on Malaysian Idol (Why? Because I can not sing, that’s why!), but the memory of Friday’s show kept bugging me. It was easily one of the themes that I most look forward to, but I was sorely disappointed. In fact, the performances came across as rather unbearable and I could not help but feel sorry for them. One surprise, however, was that I found myself agreeeing with most of judge Paul Moss’ comments on the contestants’ performances. However, I think his words has been rather… unkind to Jac lately, just so to keep her in line lest she gets overconfident and thinks she can take a leisurely stroll into the finals – and I do think that she does deserve a place there, unless girls all over the country are still furiously voting for the guys, as usual. Gah.

The glaring absence of a live band could be a factor as well. Nothing like a couple of guitarists and an energetic drummer to liven up the atmosphere and help stir the contestants towards the Path of Rock. Like, how can you be rocking to an empty stage?

When I think about the abundance of underground and indie rock bands though – be it gritty teenagers jamming in an empty classroom after school, or the fairly successful musicians who have managed to make it big locally, I feel that there is still hope – and maybe it is not that bad after all. Needless to say, those guys need not enter commercialised reality shows to make themselves known. And I am sure that they do not have to resort to vocal gymnastics and learn to hold their breath for two minutes to excel in their field.

Some of us could naturally be good at doing something, and turn up terrible doing another. But having to do it live on national television, to millions of people in the nation… that is part of the game, unfortunately. Still, you have to hand it to the contestants for doing their very best, what with the rock genre obviously not their ‘thing’.

From the show, we learn something: that most of us actually think that we can sing very well, judging from the number of people thronging selected venues for the auditions. It must be those karaoke machines.

I was hoping for some of Alanis’ old songs to turn up on Friday’s show, actually – which, I thought could have done the girls some good – but I guess it was not included in the list.

On air now: Parallel Lines, Kings of Convenience

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