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Weight of my words.

I do not owe any explanation to you, him, or anyone else. Our reasons are ours, and ours alone. We are human beings capable of simple thought, logical reasoning and emotional reaction.

So what if he learns only a smattering of Japanese and hops on the next available plane to the East to meet a girl he has met only briefly in his dreams (or to be exact, a flashforward)? Or if she gently lays down a clean white envelope on the desk of her manager, who turns as pale as the envelope itself even without having to open it to hazard a guess of its contents?

The power of acting based on your wants and needs. For too long and too often we are bound by the many rules: of the sands of time, hands of fate, chains of destiny; of stifling deadlines at work, kids’ looming exams in school, a fast-depleting bank account.

We can make it happen, only if we will.

To put wheels in motion, eliminate doubt and fear. Think happy thoughts. Big smiles for everyone. Plenty of hugs to go around. Get a feng shui consultant. Buy thirty seven pieces of good luck charms. Rent a house by the sea side. Paint blue skies in your own bedroom. Jet off to a mountainous country for a quick getaway. Stop going to work. Drink beer every day. Grow your own tomatoes. Make lemonades for the rest of your life. Bossa nova music to serenade you to sleep every single night.

This reads like a recipe for a perfect, healthy and happy life. But know this: we can have all the ingredients, follow them to a T, and still mess up – big time.

Life is not foolproof.

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