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Mastery of the known.

Those were the days – when the round full moon happily tags along for a ride up in the dark sky; miniature farm animals moo and roar to plastic life; myriad watercolours swirl and mix into differing intensities with no names given; vivid imaginings of fun faraway lands atop trees and parallel universes behind dusty wardrobes – “it’s magic!” is often the cautious reply to curious questions for which even learned adults have not the answer for.

A lot of things could have made us all turn out differently in the end – my many uhms and ahhs; your decisions for the best; our many conflicting beliefs; the choices that make or break us; for you and me and everybody.

As we age, we impose too many rules on ourselves – there are now limits to everyone and everything. Children live by their own simple rules, too – we fared better way back when toy soldiers were laying an ambush for preying Lego figurines, or when Barbie invited Ken to her poolside party in celebration of her birthday.

“It’s complicated” isn’t just what you put under “relationship status” – it’s for life, period.

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