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Legend of the Seeker - the TV adaptation to the Sword of Truth books.

I had read a few of the books from Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, so I was not sure if they had the character nailed down pat onscreen. Back then, I had envisioned him to be of a more muscular build – definitely taller than his grandfather, the First Wizard – and with a stronger affinity towards animals and nature as a whole. The biggest insult, probably, would be that I thought his TV series counterpart looked more like a particular kender than an actual woods guide. (Well, there is really only one kender that I know of…)

But! Watching the first book come to life was – I must confess – strangely exciting. It reminded me of that grand trilogy of movies that was filmed in that same country and, as we all are already aware, I am such a sucker for beautiful blue skies, green rolling hills and white roaring waterfalls; of gentle rays of sunlight softly filtering through lush forests, tiny specks of farm animals dotting sweeping acres of wide countryside land…

(New Zealand has been on my to-do list for years. I just need some (usually elusive) resources – namely time and money – to make it happen.)

He had always seemed to have plenty of luck by his side – in the books, almost everything turned out fine for him in the end. While it could well be attributed to his exceptional intuitive abilities, it was more often than not (and rather annoyingly) the case of him always being at the right place at the right time. According to a previous entry, he had this habit of getting on my nerves, and I cannot truly recall why – it could have been all that pining he was doing for his love (ah, so that is the correct pronunciation to her name)…


The TV series does not stay true to the books, and I may possibly be cursing and crying blasphemy at how the next season of Legend of the Seeker pans out – but at this point in time, I am just so smitten with Richard Rahl. Dreamy sigh.

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