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Guilt trip.

Uggh, this sudden onslaught of tour date announcements… the initial euphoria, the mad scramble for the calendar, the dizzying expectations, the horrible decision-making, the wanting to turn fantasy into reality, the wistful sighing…

So in this week alone, we’ve had these names being thrown into contention; some unconfirmed, some already set in stone: Pearl Jam (Nov), +/- (Dec 16), Cat Power (Jan 13), Green Day (Jan 14), Andrew Bird (Jan 26), Belle and Sebastian (Jan), and Kings of Convenience (or so some say, though I highly doubt that the Norwegian duo would swing by during the early part of the year). News from here and here.

A good number of the above also requires a trip to that little island across the causeway. How demotivating.

(Eh, hello? (waves) We are here, you know. Please do not shut us out. Sometimes, a little bit of hope is all we need.)

There is a good chance that work will consume me whole during the abovementioned dates. But of course, I would have loved to be able to bear witness to the musical prowess of both Miss Marshall and that of a particular Scottish band. It is such a grand idea, just imagining hearing “The Greatest” or “Like Dylan in the Movies” being played live.

Besides, if the Mosaic lead-up series in January already attracts names like Cat Power, one cannot help but wonder how the actual music festival later in March would be like. Dare we hope for more? (See previous visits #1 and #2.)

So how now brown cow?

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