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The sum of two.

This, well… this is difficult to ignore. The lure of it is often too great. This, despite the uneasy fact that I still have about thirty or so books – still unread – from previous visits.

Yes, you know the drill. Guilty, guilty as charged.

The day's catch.

At only eight books, I rate this just a shade above “unproductive”, though I would not go as far to call it a wasted morning. It is clear that I invested less time and resources for this one; nothing spectacularly exciting sprouted tiny legs, jumped off the racks and followed me home.

Took the bait.

Or it could be this: the usual anticipation, the needless planning of how-to-get-there and should-I-make-a-list and which-day-to-go-best, the whole shebang – I fear that all this is wearing me out.

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  1. I managed to avoid spending TOO much by only going ONCE. but even then, I spent RM300 even without going to the paperback fiction section….

    eyeris | 14/10/09 12:50 AM

  2. eyeris – Ah, I have no problems restricting my visits to just once. :P It’s the splurging part that’s a bit difficult, for I can never be sure when too much is too much (this was very much evident during the Big Bad Wolf sales)…

    Strizzt | 14/10/09 07:03 PM

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