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Music is my savior.

So they got to it first: painted stories that I wished were mine; written songs that come from my secrets; made movies that well could be our future.

For in this world I am the reader, listener, and viewer, and have now grown fairly comfortable in this regular role: of harnessing my abilities to revive sleeping dragons of distant faraway realms in my dreams; enjoying the distinctive melodies and unspoken words of honesty that grace my ears; and witnessing onscreen the grandeur of inspiring modern art of recent times.

Magnum opus. My favourite child. Icing on the cake. Sugar in my coffee. The one that changes it all.

That is what sets us all apart, really. And sometimes, I long to be over at the other side.

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  1. for each time i hear a familiar song, it reminds me of the first time i heard. sort of a milestone marker – particular period of my life, a book i was reading, a difficult period in my life, a girl i was in love with.

    simon | 06/09/09 04:22 PM

  2. Simon – Ah, yes… such is the power of music, books and movies over us, and we love them all the more when they touch us in different ways. And I take my hat off to the creators for giving us opportunities such as these.

    Strizzt | 06/09/09 07:50 PM

  3. From what I remember of a past post or two, I think this might interest you:


    Tim Frost | 08/09/09 06:17 AM

  4. Tim Frost – Ooh, interesting – thanks! I have, however, only read books 1 and 11 to the Wheel of Time series.

    Strizzt | 08/09/09 07:47 PM

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