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Someone with nothing to think about.

Falling flakes.

Life is good.

You know – that subtle delicate skip of your heart; that inexplicable delicious tingling sensation – the ones that make the corners of your lips curl into a tiny peek of a smile, seemingly without rhyme or reason?

We have had two consecutive brilliantly sunny blue-sky days.

You have no idea how happy that makes me.

The boss calls in sick for the third day and I find that I do not miss him and his strawberry pink tie. Traffic lights along my route silently wave me on and obligingly turn emerald green at my approach. The bills have all been magically taken care of and have gone into the stylish tomato-red shredder we bought from That Swedish Furniture Company. The kids have washed and put away our white ceramic dishes after a heartwarming conversation over dinner. He has yet to make our bed but that is perfectly all right because I am looking forward to curling right back under the soft turquoise sheets anyway.

Oh, yes: life is good. Until tomorrow comes.

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