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As August came.

He was the intense, brooding type, like one of those stereotypical television soap opera characters – tall, dark and handsome and often misunderstood, though I know for sure that he is soft at heart. But he did not have that name back then.

She was the wannabe doctor – always careful and gentle even with complex mathematical calculations, as though one wrong move would result in a colourful explosion of runaway numbers and fugitive figures. But today, her status on the social network website became “Engaged”.

It feels like I do not know the people I had once spent five years in school with, anymore. Facts like these are not that easy to stomach. Like, gee – just who are these strangers that I supposedly know, getting married and having babies like, like… everyone else on this planet?

The other day, he asked me why I was so. “Did you have a bad experience that made you who you are today?”

“No, I think I have always been like this,” I answered almost confidently, but I am not so sure about it anymore. Pray tell: how does one change and become a complete social recluse?

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  1. From the latest 2 posts, do I sense the mild rumblings of a violent self-awakening?

    ShomT | 24/08/09 12:08 PM

  2. ShomT – In some ways, I am making attempts to at least crack, if not break out of my shell.

    Strizzt | 24/08/09 08:08 PM

  3. That’s great, but I reckon it must not be easy! Well, I’m cheerleading ya!! crazily waving pom-poms Push Strizzt Puuuuuuuuush!!! :D

    ShomT | 24/08/09 11:11 PM

  4. ShomT – Eep, thanks for the support! :D

    And yeah, it’s definitely not going to be easy trying to become someone you’re not. But if it’s for the greater good, then…

    Strizzt | 25/08/09 09:20 AM

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