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Disappearing act.

It starts off slow: like the tiny, harmless drops of falling rain upon a glass window, the comforting pitter patter sounds that soothe even the most tangled insides of you. And who knows how terribly messed up you could be inside, with ties that bind endlessly and knots that loop ceaselessly.

A pity that this feeling lasts for only a miniscule three seconds at most.

Because, more often than not, we are the ones guilty of making it all harder than it is. If one plus one is not two, then what else can it be: an elephant in a pink tutu, an accidental hullabaloo or forty-two?

Finding company in solitude may well be the only thing I do best here. Not surprisingly, getting stuck between a rock and a hard place comes next.

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  1. Awww you sound so lonesome here! Hang in there ok … hope you develop better and better contortion/manoeuvering skills to wriggle out of those hard places.

    Btw, was stumbling around your blog and realized that you removed your ‘friends’ page …?

    And there’s this error message at the top ‘Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.’ You might want to check it out.

    ShomT | 15/08/09 09:32 AM

  2. well, i’ve always been comfortable in my solitude all my life growing up. as i always tell myself, i prefer to be alone but that doesn’t mean i am lonely.

    simon | 15/08/09 10:55 AM

  3. ShomT – It wasn’t really a friends page, it was a page where I list out links to blogs I usually go to. I realised it was sorely outdated (a lot of those blogs have gone on hiatus) and so took it off. :P

    And yep, the “rate limit exceeded” error at the top of the page is to display my tweets from Twitter, but because I’m on a shared hosting service, Twitter ends up getting more than 150 requests per hour. (My tweets do successfully get displayed here, probably for only the first ten minutes of the hour.)

    I’ll be taking it off soon – or once I get another better plugin to display tweets! But thanks for the note anyway. :)

    Simon – Ah, so with you on that – of the fact that though we’re alone, we’re not lonely. And it turned out fine for you, and so it shall be for me too! :D

    Strizzt | 15/08/09 11:55 AM

  4. haha yeah but in the reality of our lives in Malaysia, how can one really be lonely even if you tried? technology and confined spaces has made sure of that. :)

    simon | 19/08/09 11:10 PM

  5. Simon – Ah, but the mind is a powerful thing – you can feel alone even in a 10,000-strong crowd, if you want to. ;)

    Strizzt | 20/08/09 07:21 PM

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