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They became university graduates, valedictorians, beauty queen wannabes; complying the photographer’s request for a dazzling smile to serve as headlines of tomorrow’s paper. I suppose a whole lot of them are now scattered throughout the world, doing goodness-knows-what.

The next thing we know, we could be voting for one of them during election day. After all, he did mention he would want to be Prime Minister, albeit somewhat jokingly. There was the bespectacled guy sitting at the far corner, whom everyone thought could be likened to a local Bill Gates. Watching the camera-shy one saying her lines with ease on the silver screen. The unassuming girl who, as it turned out, married a Datuk and would most probably live happily ever after at the edge of the city.

But for now, it is a little strange: I often read about the girls. Sometimes, I wonder where the boys are. Eric, who thoughtfully volunteered to take over my prefect duties when I was down with a fever – for on normal days, we would quarrel over the slightest reasons; Jason, my partner-in-crime who thinks that kicking each other is a pleasurable activity; Jon, whose face would turn red whenever there was any teasing regarding the idea of him and I together; Kenneth, who seemed to be stealing a glance or two at me, giving me that perfect-for-a-toothpaste-commercial smile of his.

Yep: what is school life without the ocassional crushes or two? Back then, it was almost a torment to go through it, although yes – the talks will eventually die down. You would want to think that they they actually like you, but it is all to naught, for they are only stories and gimmicks concocted by fellow schoolmates.

Now, I can not help but smile whenever I think about it.

In other developments: I unveil the hardly-updated photolog Rayglass (I will be uploading photos previously posted here on Rantglass), and a newslog at the sidebar – where I will post news of interest (to me anyway), mostly in regards to the entertainment scene.

On air now: Tiny Little Fractures, Snow Patrol

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