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When presented in a direct, non-convoluted way – like a scrolling news ticker at the bottom of a busy screen, or bright flashing neon lights on an empty street – with the number of words limited due to a sore lack of space, effectively narrowing down your choice of words even more…

… it is always the simplest facts that make the most impact, and yet it hardly stops the planet from continuing its dizzying spin on its axis.

The baby is crying, the world is dying, the star is fading.

Four words rocked the world two days ago. Somehow, I also remember watching the Thriller music video and being strangely fascinated by it back then.

Still, I am reminded that more often than not, we are usually the ones that make it all look harder than it really is.

So. Why can the sky not be blue forever? If only things could be simpler than this.

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