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Always the same, I know.

Slow march, flighty tunes, heavy sighs, light staccatos, delicate twangs, solemn words.

A lone, lightly-placed note that comes on gently in the midst of the flowing harmonies and soaring choruses makes all the difference. It is not included there as a careless afterthought, but simply because it belonged. Like a compass point, north is where the heart is: it drives you home, safe and sound, where bear hugs envelope you and warm mugs of hot chocolate await you.

Then there is magic – the sprinkling of fairy dust, the slight tingling of the heart; of longing and wanting, anticipating absolutely nothing but for this to go on.

I might just melt into a puddle if I were to one day bear witness to hearing this beautiful song played live.

I should’ve made it matter.

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  1. Time for a trip to the UK?


    Grizzly Bear AND Wilco. Can you resist?

    Tim Frost | 17/06/09 05:45 AM

  2. Tim Frost – Gosh, that sure looks tempting – but I cannot teleport! Ack.

    Strizzt | 17/06/09 07:23 PM

  3. Air Asia X will teleport you there and back for about RM2000. Maybe one day?

    Tim Frost | 18/06/09 12:57 AM

  4. Tim Frost – That’s not quite teleporting, seeing I’d still need to go on a plane, eat a box of mints and think happy thoughts. :P

    But yes, I hope to be able to one day travel to the UK and Europe, too! (Was there for probably a two-week vacation when I was ten, and have fond memories of those times…)

    Strizzt | 18/06/09 07:23 PM

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