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Here comes everybody.

5.40am Yawn.
7.25am The purchase receipt failed to print from the petrol pump, again.
7.30am Parked the car. Big Boss arrived at the same time, yikes – I better take the stairs.
8.14am Found out that someone messed up. Again. Someone’s incompetence has left me feeling suicidal.
8.17am @self How would it feel like to jump off the fourth floor?
8.21am Crisis averted, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this slip by quietly.
8.45am First task of the day done.
9.00am #jaybennett Thinking about Jay. That piece of news was unexpected to say the least.
10.13am Twiddling thumbs.
10.45am Decides to take the plunge. Need. To. Rant. Before. Self. Explodes.
11.33am @self Is this going to be a good day?
12.21pm Second task comes comes in. Lunch in 10 minutes or so.
1.10pm More work coming in. Boy, when it rains, it sure pours.
2.45pm Wonder why I always get picked for company feedback sessions…
3.32pm Buried under tons of work. Decides to go bug a fellow colleague for a bit. This could be stress…
4.11pm @boss Sure, let’s have a discussion on life, the universe and everything. Tomorrow.
5.32pm Finally. Leaving for the day. Amused to find near-empty cubicles all around.
6.14pm It’s longest-night-market day, and at this hour, I’m surprised that the traffic is still bearable.
8.15pm Looking at picture albums on Facebook and laughing at shots of colleagues from their yesteryears.
8.21pm … and of their recent (and fun) business trip. Dang.
9.45pm #jaybennett Still thinking about Jay and how it would have been if he were still in Wilco.
10.20pm And you wonder why I do not yet have a Twitter account.

(You can tell just how fake this is, and how I absolutely will not be able to last long with all this broadcasting of itsy bitsy details of my life to all on the planet.)

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  1. eh but its fun to read something more personal about you :)

    simon | 28/05/09 09:24 AM

  2. Simon – Ack! That attempt on twittering became more like a personal diary, yes – but long and boring. :P

    All that did happen yesterday, but the timestamps were all estimates.

    Strizzt | 28/05/09 07:45 PM

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