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Borrowed hours.

Borrowed hours.

It was with great reluctance I attempt to readjust to life back in uni. Perhaps I should be sent to the gallows for saying that I actually do prefer sitting in a cubicle and working from there, rather than attending classes and submitting assignment after assignment – and especially so when the prospect of completing two projects that will well secure a degree does not look too inviting, either. Five months of having a worklife was tiring and occassionally peppered with office politics, but admittedly good. Still, I wish I could drop everything, run off to the mountains and never to return; but it was mere cowardice and the thought of hard work that gives me these gloomy thoughts.

I believe I have been somewhat pampered during my brief stint out in the working world, and it was something I had taken for granted. I know for a fact that the real working world will not be anything like that, at all.

And all the while, people were telling me to enjoy uni life. Why the rush to joining the working world, they asked. No fun. The monthly bills you might need to pay. Headaches over various issues. Well, hell yeah. A student’s life, unfortunately, is not that much fun and leisurely, either. Oh, the pressure! Yesterday I had felt like banging my head against the wall. Today, I kept looking out the window, thoughts awander.

It was also quite sad to know that kids as young as three years are deprived of a happy and innocent childhood by being sent to so-called tuition classes before even enrolling into kindergartens.

The thing about having a worklife, I found out, is that time passes by really quickly. You clock in at the office at nine, wait for lunch break; then continue for another three hours or so before packing up to go home. A monotonous and unexciting routine that stretches for the next three decades, maybe.

Here is to eight gruelling months of hard work, grey hairs, long nights, short tempers.

And where to, from there? I cannot tell the future, but I may be able to have a hand in paving my own path.

I wonder where the starting point is?

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