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Down the avenue.

The Alex Rider series - maybe all these will have to go to the nephew one day. After I'm done with them, of course.

I must say I had initial doubts about the name. It reminded me of Red Riding Hood.

Why would they choose such a long and funny name, I wondered. But it has its charms – it is unique, easy to remember, and is definitely one name that will long stick to the minds of those who braved the crowds and hot weather this weekend in search of wonderful bargains.

And so, as soon as I stepped into the area and saw books, books, and more books!!! arranged neatly on the tables according to category, their spines with titles all turned facing upwards for easy visibility, I could not think straight. Logic and rationale went out the window immediately.

“Need a box, miss?” he waved at me.

Some obligatory yet spontaneous purchases.

I looked at the five books I had with me then and decided I was fine, as compared to others around me who, I think, might be wishing that they had developed advanced agility skills in Books Balancing in Warehouse Sales 101. (Dexterity: +2)

Besides, what would be the odds of picking a good book off every table there? (Apparently pretty high at this warehouse sale, as I was soon to find out for myself.) I was not looking for anything in particular, but various interesting titles jumped out at me and the general consensus in my head was mostly this: TAKE IT! TAKE IT! (Luck: +1)

However, barely an hour later, I found myself either forgoing or letting go of some books from my grasp to make room for others. (Dexterity: -5)

Oh, sod it. What was I thinking when I turned down the offer extended from the courteous sales staff earlier for a box to hold my books?! (Wisdom: -8)

These are to be added to existing series and to replenish lost copies.

I promptly went to collect an empty (and suitable, size-wise) box for my books, and again attacked the many books available – this time, with renewed delight but with a slight hint of worry – because having a box means having more books than I can handle, and that can be both good and bad…

Now I am home nursing aches on both arms and legs from the workout I had had today for the sake of new reading materials. Most of the titles available were fairly recent, yet going at such affordable prices. The condition of the books could be better though…

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  1. mcewan! :) also recently read those two book you bought, very talented writer… alas i did not go to the sale, not bcoz i didnt want to, just that i didn’t hv any money :(

    simon | 17/05/09 12:05 AM

  2. Simon – Yay, I’ll try to start on McEwan as soon as I can. The sale’s still on until Monday, in case you change your mind. :)

    Strizzt | 17/05/09 08:36 PM

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