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Lost sanctity.

I'm afraid this pretty much sums it all up...

Fact #1: This particular strip was first published in May 1989.
Fact #2: The strips concerning this series is currently being re-run in a national daily.
Fact #3: The break-in took place last week.

The timing is so uncanny, there is nothing funny nor comical about it.

I will tell you this – it has been one week now, and this still feels like a nightmare I am hoping to awake from. There are some dreams that linger around invitingly like a sweet scent on a summer’s breeze; well, this one has been sticking around for far too long, overstaying its welcome. Not that it was even welcomed at all in the first place.

Items taken were mostly of sentimental value, and it is only now that I realise that every item in this house has (perhaps “had” would be more applicable in my case) a story. Here. Look around you now.

The slender blue vase on your dining table, a product of a fun, five-hour long shopping trip at Ikea on the day before your childhood friend was due to leave the country for good in search of greener pastures. Oh, those were the days.

The little bracelet that lets out tiny tinkles when the golden teddy bears circling it hug each other, fit only for a one-month-old you. Oh, how we were once young.

The ticket stubs to fabulous concerts across the causeway, where you rocked along to your favourite bands’ tunes, only to return to work the next day nursing a sore throat. Oh, what fun we have had.

And now those sort of stories have been taken away from me, leaving only black gaping voids in my life’s history, partly to be filled by a fading memory.

Truly, we do not know what we have got until it is gone.

Picture/Source: “Calvin & Hobbes” (May 1989), by Bill Watterson. Complete archive here.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Was your house broken into? :o :o :o

    ShomT | 13/05/09 06:31 AM

  2. ShomT – Unfortunately so, yes. (sigh) Life after having experienced this sort of thing is really weird… it’s like you’re trying your darndest to put it behind you, but you know that you can’t erase it out of your life entirely (yet?).

    Strizzt | 13/05/09 07:40 PM

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