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My fake eyes.

We may have already been rendered emotionless, devoid of the very feelings that make us human. Having given up on so much in life, we forget the little things that moved us forward in the first place – the sparkling dewdrops shining like fallen stars on the greenest leaves; the vast canvas overhead with long unceasing wisps of white shapeless clouds; the dazzling diamonds gliding easily across the deepest blue seas.

Now, the rat race shuts out heavenly pleasures: we get slick black briefcases and click-clack stilettos and brisk walks in a city of skyscrapers, instead of fallen sand castles and shy hidden smiles and leisurely strolls in the park.

Some take it one tiny step at a time. There may not be a tomorrow for them, yet the only way forward is to continue living and embracing their destinies in every second, minute and hour; small achievements that will no doubt bring glorious triumphs when the end of time comes.

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