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Three layers.

It was difficult to not fall in love with this.

My first thought, upon seeing those pictures, was not that I wished I lived there.

It was simply: I wished I had a chance to create something as awe-inspiring as this edificial wonder, fit not only as a mere dwelling but as an imposing structure that would create name, fame and history in years to come.

It is always the path not taken that gets to me.

But back then, it seemed like one of the better choices. The word “architect” did come to mind when, as a geeky school kid, I was asked about my ambitions, and preferred occupation and profession I would consider venturing into years later; that answer was promptly recorded in the student green card. I was also this close to enrolling in an interior design course – until I found out that it might feature woodwork and model making as regular activities, both of which I detest immensely.

Of course, choosing what you want to eventually become, does not guarantee you that place in life. It is the personal anecdotes and intimate experiences that help shape and make us grow into who we are, paving a way into the mysterious workings of the world.

Naturally, the niggling what-ifs still beckon (again)…

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  1. heheh i remember that student green card thing that we had to fill in every year… if i were to read it now id probably have a fitful laugh.

    simon | 06/03/09 09:16 AM

  2. Simon – It’d be quite a hoot, but above all it’s another one of those things from our yesteryears that will remind us of how far we have come… :s

    Strizzt | 06/03/09 08:56 PM

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