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Hit by a blurglecruncheon.

Hit by a blurglecruncheon.

I checked, and checked again.

No, things are still not looking bright. There is no indication that things will eventually look up, either.

I know well what I have, and I know my skills are limited in a lot of areas. Thanks to my big mouth and a feigned confidence, however, the project was given a go-ahead – the only problem now is to figure out how to get it to work.

Bad luck followed me throughout this week as well. I kept getting scratches I know not where from; bruises from knocking onto various items; muscle cramps that felt as though I had been shot at the leg. Someone must be pulling a voodoo on me (hey, quit walloping my head!).

Then there is the dilemma of being an in-betweener. An in-betweener who never wins.

The pressure is so intense, I think I have fireworks, hurricanes, volcanoes and the whole shebang going on within me somewhere. Maybe someone should read me some Vogon poetry; I simply can not stand it now. I feel so tired. Previously I wanted to drop everything and run off to the mountains. Now, I want out. Just. Out. From here, the planet, outer space, the universe, etc.

I have been rooting for Colin and Christie all this while, too – and I got to know who emerged as the winners of the latest season to the Amazing Race without having watched the finale, damn it.

The coming eight months are going to be really hard.

Perhaps in the end I will manage to pull myself together.

Perhaps this is a time as good as any to start believing in miracles.

On air now: Same, Snow Patrol

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