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Two dollars.

Two dollars.

I know I might need to work with the feng shui or the vasthu sasthra in this room. I am now seated as though at a counter next to the entrance of the room, and I could very much go “Pay up, you’re passing the toll!” should any of my roommates step in bewilderingly everytime they come and go to classes.

The thing about me is that I have come to fully appreciate my privacy in the room: and to do that, no one must ever know what I am doing behind the monitor screen. Not that I surf on to dubious-looking websites daily or plan world domination at the click of a mouse or two, but I simply do not like the idea of having my roommates peeking behind my back and trying to see what I am doing.

Truth is, I am a bit paranoid that I will be caught writing an entry. Plus, I do not ever want my roommates to see me working on my projects and throwing random comments like, “Eeeeee, so cuteeeeeee!” or “What the heck is that suppose to be? It looks like a green, three-legged alien with a bouquet of yellow roses…” Like it or not, someone will inadvertently steal a glance or two. Questions will follow. Tempers might flare. Doors could fall off its hinges.

Prior to this arrangement, I was terribly cautious and guarded on my daily activities on the computer. Look, I do not want to be caught reading my roommate’s blog. Call it stalking if you like, but I am merely trying to be an anonymous reader. The last thing I need to hear is “You have a blog, don’t you?” – to which I have been pestered a few times to speak The Truth not too long ago, while at work.

So here I am now, feeling considerably comfortable and somewhat safe, albeit a little cramped, behind my own computer monitor – despite the many electric cables hanging precariously off my table near the room door. That cannot be helped, though.

I doubt anyone else can help me, anyway.

Perhaps you do not mind should anyone happen to look at what you are doing.

I do mind.

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