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You know, I care not at all for the other songs in the same album. I am the type that prefers to eat up all the greens first, so that the best things are left for last.

On the other hand, it is also difficult not to find fault with the 16-minute closer. While it happens to be my one and only favourite track off the album and has proven to be a whole journey of its own, it brings about its own fair share of curious questions: Is its length really necessary? Does Sufjan Stevens approve? Which movie will have it included in its soundtrack next? Does Mr Lightbody prefer to have his eggs sunny side up? Is the Irish weather forever as inspirational as this?

It makes you feel as though you are standing before the makings of a tornado: trees whipping about wildly, leaves raining down on all and sundry, clouds swirling about dramatically in the grey sky like a horrible watercolour painting gone wrong. Nearby, yellow rubber duckies racing across the long green grass; in the distance, sudden flashes of light drawing seemingly infinite lines across the horizon. The gradual build-up and the shocking aftermath, the calmer in-betweens and the intense pauses.

And then it comes and spirits you away, to an ungraceful ending.

Too much of a good thing is bad, however, so I shall have to refrain from looping the last track to kingdom come.

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  1. whole album sounds too much like the last for my liking. haha.

    eyeris | 12/11/08 02:47 PM

  2. Eyeris – Eyes Open was only so-so for me, so I think A Hundred Million Suns is a liiiiiiiiittle bit better – just a bit – because it has “The Lightning Strike”.

    (Can't help it – has anyone grilled you about the "one-star-only" review? :P)

    Strizzt | 12/11/08 08:21 PM

  3. yeah… that was a bloody editorial mistake. I gave it three stars, but the editors made a mistake with it…

    eyeris | 12/11/08 09:48 PM

  4. Eyeris – … which I find pretty amusing actually. :D But it’s okay, it was quite obvious it was a mistake though.

    Strizzt | 13/11/08 07:46 PM

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