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No rhymes.

No rhymes.

“Hm.. you took this from your seniors ah? The title is so canggih!” His voice rose to an insulting tone that also hinted of amusement.

I blinked.

But then I realised that it was already too late. My left arm had inadvertently reached across the table to grab his shirt by the collar. My right hand had crumpled into a fist, connecting with his cheekbones with a sickening crack.

Well, at least that was what I felt like doing then. It could have been music to hear him slamming helplessly against the wall, his broken glasses hanging precariously over one ear, while he collapsed like a pile of bricks onto the ground, pulling a whole stack of papers down with him.

I absolutely have no respect for those who accuse me of some wrongdoing, without looking at the whole picture. I thought he was a fairly credible lecturer, having armed with those extra letters beside his name, making him knowledgeable and a know-it-all – or almost. His reasons for accusing me so was terribly amusing, now that I think about it.

It was not because he thought that the title was familiar.

It was also not because he thought that the senior students have written about it before.

It was because the words I chose to make up the title sounded correct and managed to convey its intended meaning effectively.

In short, it was because I wrote it so correctly (if that were even possible), he could not find any damn thing to fault with it.

And that, somehow, seemed to be a revelation of sorts to him.

Why can there not be a university student who has, at least, passable knowledge on the English language?

It is either that, or there is something wrong with my looks that suggests I fit into the uneducated, never-been-to-school-before department.

All that, after I practically functioned as a dictionary to a friend (damn, like I always do), for a whole week. Look, I do not mind being helpful – but please make this clear: I am not a dictionary.

“You really should start to learn how to use the dictionary,” I told her. Did she listen?

I, however, will tell you one thing: if I could write and speak the language so proficiently, I would be sitting at some bookstore signing away copies of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Dictionary” now, instead of slaving about in university.

Now, if you will point out the mistakes made in this entry…

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