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Burning off now.

We move on.

We shed our skins, turn over new leaves, take up different names, adopt foreign accents. At the very core of ourselves lies still the very essence that makes us us, perhaps unbidden, forgotten, neglected, or intentionally pushed away at the expense of an attempt for a brand new identity.

Some call it change; others call it evolution.

He advances relentlessly, bent on embracing the present, looking towards the future; his history erased, having severed all ties with his past. He did not quite look the type, but there he is now, studying – of all things, medicine – in a cold, cold country up north. I would have told him that he does not quite look like a typical doctor wannabe, but for that I would have had to break ten years of silence and add him on Facebook.

She listens intently, carefully noting the presence of funky electronics, the absence of lush harmonies; her worries abated, having decided that there is hope after all. She is not entirely convinced, but there she is now, looping the album – for the fourth time and counting – torn between liking and loving it. I would have told her that she may need to give it a few more tries before passing judgment, but that would be as good as reprimanding myself unnecessarily.


First thought: Man, they are weird.
Second thought: But it cannot really be that bad.
Third thought: Okay, maybe I am sold.

A review to be up before October ends.

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