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Zero gravity.

I think it takes very little to make me happy. A dash of sky blue skies; a handful of cotton-white, fluffy clouds; a few shots of strangely beautiful cloud formations – all, when packaged together into one simple recipe, inexplicably makes my insides purr with pleasure, warming the cockles of my heart.

These do not come easy these days.

They also do not last. The clouds gradually change with every tick and every second, shifting and shrinking; the sky initially bathed in colours of myriad blues and hues, turns to boring whites and greys… all eventually defeated by the sands of time.

Yesterday, encouraged by the excited chatters of children strolling about the neighbourhood with their colourful lanterns alit, I stepped near the window, intending to laugh at the unorderly procession, but saw something else that well near took my breath away.

And so I also found brief delight to be had for the night, for although the sun had gone to sleep, it still generously lent to the moon its light. I could see little wispy clouds streaking across the dark sky, like an artist splashing the lightest of colours onto a black canvas while on an imaginary high. And in the darkness came tiny twinkling stars, though it cannot be ascertained if any of them were also Mars.

I wonder if I will ever get too old for this.

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  1. Wow! You’re describing a scene that I thought one could only witness in a rural area or on an island. Not in a busy urban place where you live! When I stayed in K. Kemuning, think I’d never seen any breathtaking night scenes before. The most I could get was a clear sky with a perfectly shaped moon but that was to me, nothing too spectacular. Maybe there’s something special about the angle of the sky from your house windows? Or I don’t look out of my window enough?

    Shommie | 19/09/08 10:19 PM

  2. Shommie – Nights like these are rare to come by, but when they do they really can take your breath away. Thankfully, there are not too many high-rise buildings where I’m at…!

    Strizzt | 22/09/08 12:08 AM

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