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The wires are missing.

The wires are missing.

Today was the first time I heard a puppy wailing and crying in utmost misery, stretching up to almost the later half of the day. I felt its grief and sorry predicament very much so. It seemed to stab my heart whenever it emitted another long, pitiful cry, and the worst thing of it all is that I simply do not know how to help it.

The many signboards with the words Amaran: Bahaya (Caution: Danger) happily stuck along the fence were of no help, either.

I read that all dogs go to heaven, because they are naturally kind. Images of a bloated dog floating about in the dirty water do not come about as particularly enticing.

At that point, I was not sure who was the more helpless: the dog, or the girl who wanted so much to help, but could not. I thought of cats being stuck on trees being helped down by fellow firemen, as usually depicted on English workbooks. I know of the relatively sad answer I could have received, should I pay a visit to the neighbourhood fire station.

The most frequent thing I have heard all day: “It’s just a dog!”

Have they forgotten that dogs, too, are living beings?

I wonder if dogs could retrieve memories of the past when they are older, replaying them over and over again. I sure hope this one would not: being stuck in a pool of green waste for over five hours with absolutely no hope of getting to safety, and to run along freely with its siblings again, would undoubtedly have taken a toll on a human being, let alone this black little puppy.

And to this, I gave my hat off to it, for having persevered so long. It was still hysterical even when someone (I assume it was the owner of the dog) managed to miraculously fish it out from the pool.

I am ashamed of myself, really.

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