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Like snow in California.

Set to sail: the Sydney Opera House.

“Anything to declare? Food? Any other items?”
“Er… I have some candies here.”
“What kind of candies?”
“Just my mints.”
“Any mooncakes? Eggs in it?”
“… mooncakes?! It’s still too early for mooncakes!”

Well, I suppose preparations and promotions might have gone full steam ahead for the mid-autumn festival, judging from the pictures of delicious-looking mooncakes of every flavour imaginable being spread out on local newspaper advertorials. The customs officer at the airport waved me through when I reiterated that I brought none.

Sydney Opera House; trees in Koala Park, West Pennant Hills; Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“So… what’s the next challenge?”

We giggled. It felt somewhat dramatic a la The Amazing Race, this zipping in and out of Sydney in five days. It was truly a whirlwind of a trip, but a very memorable one at that – mostly attributed to the warmth and hospitality kindly extended to us. I am just glad that it has not turned out to be strictly a business trip after all – it would have been an absolute shame to be stuck in the office just to slave away the hours.

Work can wait. For a bit, at least. But the guilt does not dissipate.

Manly Beach; a sleeping koala; night view at Darling Harbour.

It was reported to be the coldest August Sydney has had in more than a decade. I enjoyed the cool stroll down Darling Harbour at night, and even the brief walk during a slight drizzle on a wet Friday to the shopping mall next to the office for some very last minute shopping. Five days (with hours spent at work) is really not enough to take in the sights and sounds Sydney has to offer, but I know this for sure:

I really love this place.

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  1. Wow! Good choice of destination. I loved Sydney too.

    Actually, based on clues in your previous post, I was going to guess MH0123 and recommend sucking mints (or holding your nose) to test out your smell theory of airsickness. I hoped it worked, and was equally effective on the return flight.

    Maybe you will venture further now, next time in your own time.

    Tim Frost | 26/08/08 10:35 AM

  2. Tim Frost – The trip was fun but hectic – I’d really love to go back to Sydney again, purely for holiday purposes!

    I fared better during the recent plane trips – it was on MAS, I had mints, and would eat in moderation (or little) before flights – but most important of all, THE smell was not strong enough to make me sick. It’d assail me every now and then, and I would start feeling uncomfortable – but thankfully not for too long, as it only seemed to come out at certain intervals – so I think it was pretty much 90% smell-free. :D

    Yeah, I’m pretty much convinced it’s THE smell.

    (From my previous plane trips, it was the strong, fresh lemony smell on planes that got me sick all the time. I’d be sniffing into medicated oils and yes, holding my nose!)

    Strizzt | 26/08/08 07:09 PM

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