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Let loose.

Blue skies have been hard to come by, but Monday was when my heart gave a little leap, and I am not one to easily give away my Mondays. Why further spread the agony of the most hated day of the week, I wonder, but that Monday turned out fine.

Must we wait for good things to come, or must we always work, and work damn hard, to get what we want? I do not even know if I am getting what I want. Sure, I have plenty of short-term goals and wishlists that need attending to, but they are all no more important than this:

What do I really want?

But because it sounds so naive and navel-gazing-like, I feel the need to rephrase it to:

What do you really want?

Okay. It sounds a bit more… demanding. Somehow, it makes me feel much better now – probably because I am hoping that you will not have the answer to that, too. Yes? Tell me I am not the only aimless, hopeless soul here. Walls have ears.

This is already so bleedingly obvious, but I have been on a roll – of not updating, that is. I am slowly coming out of that phase; still, you are always welcome to remove links, delete bookmarks, and totally forget this ever existed.

After all, I am just another stranger in your life – the pedestrian on the street that you drove past, the passenger in the bus looking inside out, the office drone trying to make some sense out of superannuation, the random shopper who bought three big tubes of toothpaste, the one puking her guts out in planes and making a misery out of everyone.

In any case: I have been well, actually. Now feeling liberated. So yeah, it is going to be difficult to get back into the groove – if there ever was one in the first place. I please no one, but I must admit that paying a few hundred bucks annually just to get this increasingly under-utilised place going on will make jaws drop. Why, sooner or later I will be told to go get my head checked.

I hope you have been well, too.

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