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Now the sky could be blue.

I prefer to think that I am not the type to get disappointed easily – but for a moment in time today, I felt like I have lost all hope in humanity.

We are a lost cause.

No one is born evil.

Or so I had hoped.

But it never stops, as though an incessant, invisible fist of power drives these people to do no good, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction that rages through the land.

Can they sleep well at night, leeching off resources and others’ hard earned valuables?
Can they live with their conscience, already as stained and darkened to the core as it is?
Can they ever return, having looked at the world with their greedy eyes and tasted the blood on their soiled hands?

Eventually we will be bound in chains, living in cages of our own making.

Dear Mr Martin, I think l will gladly take “Strawberry Swing” for now, just for that line.

Because I like my skies blue, as always.

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