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Of stereos and types.

It could be considered stereotyping; an unfortunate misunderstanding. It could also be hopelessly confusing, or maybe it is just plain denying what stands before our very own eyes.

We have masks and facades; we are devils in disguise.

Exhibit A
He is a healthy picture of confidence as he moves down the streets with his lazy, cat-like swagger, constantly bedazzling his admirers with the dark shades and bling-blings he has on no matter day or night. He freely does peace signs and coolly acknowledges his buddies with a nod, but keeps conversation down to three words or less because, well, his ears are tuned only to the sounds reverberating from his headphones. He counts among his most prized possessions the latest model of a music player that also has blogging-on-the-go functionalities, takes decent pictures, emits sounds of a howling wolf and comes with the ability to makes babies. Why, what an amazing gadget!

Exhibit B
She exudes a friendly, girl-next-door demeanour and is generous with her smiles. She is also smart (woo!), sassy (wah!) and pretty much excites screams, shrieks and bashful looks from those fortunate enough to have been bestowed by her mere presence. It is no wonder that a record 14550 people have reportedly flocked to the neighbourhood rukun tetangga to sign up for her yoga and pilates classes, though they also cannot help but be curious of one thing: does she prefer Alanis or Scarlett? A quick look at the CDs alphabetically arranged in a rack next to a shocking pink radio reveals little about her music taste, but word has it that she had had Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” on a loop for eight years running.

Exhibit C
And then there is the woefully hopeless Exhibit C…

“Uhm (groan, not that question again!)… well, mostly rock music.”
“… what?! You don’t look like the type that listens to rock music.”
“I know, I know – so people have told me. Someone commented the very same thing, just last week.”
“You look more like a person who listens to oldies.”

(sound of jaw dropping to the ground)

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