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Did she seem like before?

Did she seem like before?

I cannot believe I have a memory span of a goldfish.

Okay, not really. But there are times when I thought I could really sink that low and turn into one, swimming round and round the fishbowl that has only a miniature windmill and a few scattered coloured stones for company.

You see, sometimes I think of going to certain websites while I am immersed in my reading (of blogs, usually). URLs just pop to mind, suddenly.

So I proceed to open a new browser window…

And promptly forget what I am supposed to do with it.

“Damn, why did I open this window for?!”

For the record, however, I am sure my memory is not really that bad. I believe I am still pretty much alert about the going-ons in my life: I know all the important dates, turn up for scheduled appointments in time, and perform most of the tasks I had planned beforehand.

In other words, I do not live within a foggy world of my own. Very rarely will I curse myself for having left my brain at home.

I usually trim my nails during the weekend. So it was with much horror when I looked at my fingers today, and realised something was a bit… off. Then I put both hands on the table, side by side, and look at them. Hard.

Turns out that I had somehow forgotten to trim the fingernails to my right hand this time around. Sigh.

Actually, I do not think ‘forgotten’ is exactly the right word. Rather, I had been doing things so unconsciously, I had that overlooked.

It either means I am becoming less alert because, apparently, seven hours of sleep a day is not enough for me – or that lately, I have way, way too many things to think about.

(By the way, that was only a matter of expression – the saying about goldfish having a memory span of three seconds is not entirely true.)

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