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Slip away.

Either, or.

Will denies vehemently after being accused of having always put himself first:

“But I’m on my own! It’s just me. I’m not putting myself first. There’s nobody else!”

Similarly, my “we”s are all made up of “I”s. When there is a “we”, there are always two “I”s, or more. When I say “we”, I actually mean “I”. A “you” hardly ever comes into the equation.

Short of having all these letters and words dictate my life, it has always been me, me and me. And yet, without people coming and going into my life – whether as the giggly girl I see walking down the road on a drizzly Monday night, or as the agile acrobats flexibly acheiving seemingly-impossible positions with ease – I cannot be truly me.

At some point, I reckon I would have to open the door and let more people in. But for now, it seems that I could have fared better by being a fictional character straight out of a book.

And because I am currently at this mad phase where I absolutely need to listen to Mr Gibbard sing “Cath…” to me live – I am keeping my options open, just for him.

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