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I do not know why I bother. It is the only way out. There are so many things that I could do, instead of being here.

Suddenly, I just thought of turning into some sort of a superhero and at least put my skills, if any, to good use. Obviously being a superhero requires some sort of superpower. As for me, I think I should be able to rant everyone’s ears off. People would step back cautiously as I approach them, stomping wildy in my black superhero suit (I hate the colour red), preparing to launch into another one of my never-ending tirades. The baddies would squirm uneasily and drop their toy guns almost immediately, just so to quickly put their hands to the ears, before running off to their respective Badmobiles to take cover.

I take out a vial of crystal-clear liquid, pop its contents into my mouth, and… goodness knows what would happen next.

Then again, you probably would not believe me if I tell you that I could bend a bar of iron into two.

Pretty odd anyway, considering I am the one who needs saving, for now.

(In all due respect to Christopher Reeve – may he rest in peace – the above was written two days before his death. So please, you do not need to slowly pull out my fingernails one by one.)

The All Important Multiplug - picture edited from Gettyimages.Tell me, though: why would anyone in their right minds would want to confiscate this item? It is only one small, harmless multiplug that was not even in use when the hostel officials dropped by for a spot check. They chose not to answer my question, and I am left somewhat disgruntled. I can just imagine the mountain of confiscated multiplugs residing at a corner of their office. What they most certainly need, is a book that lists down things that are apparently Forbidden and a Downright No-no, to be distributed to hostel dwellers.

“Darn: now how am I going to plug in my Ogawa massager? My back is stiff from all that typing for next year’s shortlisted hostel applicants…”

“Just take one from the back there lah.”

“Oh, right. It’s taking up too much space; we should consider selling some off at the flea market next week.”

I swear, the ridiculous rules this place has get on my nerves so much, I know I am going to be really happy when I leave next year.

On air now: The Good Times Are Killing Me, Modest Mouse

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