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I have weird memories of you.

A six-year-old sounds like a sage when he makes known his musings:

“Sometimes lies are more dependable than the truth.”

So, this is what we do: we tell ourselves that everything is going to be all right while all around us, the world is changing – lashing winds and starless skies; rising prices and restless wars; a whirligig of a lonely planet spinning out of control.

No black without light, no day without night.

Can there ever be truth if there were no lies?

And most importantly of all: is there anything we can do about it? We could only do so much but perhaps our fate is already written in the stars. Maybe we are led to walk down a path of deceit; maybe we are victims of circumstances; maybe we have to lose in order to win.

Or maybe it just is not meant to be.

Honestly – reading two sci-fi classics back-to-back is really no easy feat. Are they supposed to make you still mull over them weeks later?

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