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The pandemonium.

I have always thought that there is something slightly cool about writing Outlook Out of Office AutoReply emails.

It could mean: “If you did not know that I am going to be away, then oops! too bad. Forthcoming replies are not to be expected, for I am currently away for an indefinite period of time, sipping pina coladas on some remote, difficult-to-be-pronounced-name of an island far away in Tahiti, nursing an extreme aversion to all gadgets of communication (particularly one that can go on the internet) – so for any other urgent matters, please shift and redirect the blame/queries/orders for next lunch outing/your royal pickiness’ demands onward to your next victim of choice. Thank you.”

But unfortunately, most of those emails just plainly (and rather unexcitingly) translate to a: “I am away from [date] and will be back on [date]. Please contact my team leader or manager if you have any queries.”

By the end of the email, your virtually pre-set message goes out, flatly, in a whimper.

In a not-too-distant country, someone yells. “WHEN THE *&#$@ IS SHE COMING BACK?!”

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