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Nothing to lose.

This, is the 30 St Mary Axe.

I have never been one to get turned on by the sight of a mere… building.

But after having watched one of my favourite movies, A Good Year (oh lord, yet another romantic comedy!), for about five times within the past month alone, and seeing this magnificent structure popping up onscreen with Marc Streitenfeld’s trippy score playing in the background – accompanied by the harsh, bluish tinge usually associated with the speedy pace of the dog-eat-dog business world and white-collar workers with cleanly pressed shirts and suits walking about briskly, clutching dearly to their work briefcases and speaking into their modern communication gadgets with their unmistakably sexy Brit accent – I could not help but desire to fly to London just to take snapshots of it.

Maybe there will come a day when I will be able to stand under those diamond-shaped glass panes and see how raindrops fall from the sky.

People leave a part of themselves behind when they leave this world: a distinguished mark, a glowing “I’ve-been-here” stamp.

Well, as for Norman Foster here – he leaves architecture wonders like this.

Which is really, really, quite cool.

How am I going to leave mine?

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  1. Hmm. Should it be “white-collared workers” or “white-collar workers”?

    Strizzt | 27/03/08 09:46 PM

  2. white-collar i think. the use of a past tense in there doesn’t really make sense.

    soporific | 01/04/08 10:23 AM

  3. Soporific – Yay. Thank you, sifu.

    Strizzt | 06/04/08 09:46 PM

  4. well, i thought you’re the sub-editor.

    soporific | 08/04/08 12:24 PM

  5. Soporific – Well, there are bad sub-editors too… :D

    Strizzt | 08/04/08 09:07 PM

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