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Friday violet two.

Hmm. Such sweet a promise.

Of valiant knights in shining armour, talking animals in faraway forests, fire-breathing dragons in dark cloudy skies, brightly-lit stars in pitch-black darkness, joyful children in schools with clocktowers, secret gardens in full healthy bloom, friendly shadows in bedroom corners… ah, how bloody typical; how painfully cliched.

Those images were conjured up in my mind instantly – they were dull and sorry, sorely lacking the basic requirements of enchantment or magic, buoyed hardly by desire nor by imagination.

“Great bedtime stories,” it had said teasingly.

If only that line had not come in the form of a title to an email that I would not read. Nothing in my junk mail folder warrants a second glance, but somehow, the same line had given me food for thought for a few days.

While I am in no need of a simple bedtime story, I am pretty sure the email contains stories of another kind.

Oh, woe.

I am, however, in dire need of a good fantasy novel to wipe this clean off my mind – but I need to first finish up on my current reads (of which, I am sad to report, progress is extremely slow).

Bedtime stories are not just for kids, you see.

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