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Forgotten words.

Sundays are bittersweet: significant enough to become a trifle little thing as the day draws gradually to a close; idly enough to have the hours slowly wasted away by the sands of time.

In a few months, I will turn a quarter of a century old.

The seconds are ticking away; I am not quite ready for this yet.

It could be just a number, but somehow, it comes attached with a connotation of sorts – as if there are plenty of milestones and goals to be achieved; a reawakening deep within, a sudden icy-cold splash of water in the face.

Like 18 or 21, 25 is quite something else.

I feel like I am forgetting something that needs doing.

While I may have gotten away with a haircut charged at student price just last month, will my later years still allow me to be a kid at heart – or will I have to behave like a responsible single (… young?) adult female?

Which begs the question – how does one properly behave like a 25-year-old?

“Her heart is in the right place.”

Not sure where mine is. It may be there physically, beating away dub-a-dub to an intimate rhythm that only I will know. But beyond that, it seems constantly stuck in limbo between few parallel worlds – lovely fantasies, tempting what-ifs, dear FitzChivalry, worn and loveless, high-flying career, maybe-Sydney, a floppy-haired Keanu Reeves, what’s-next, sights and sounds, streaming green code, selected childhood memories, some desires and dreams…

Oh, and there is reality, too.

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  1. i think 19 is probably the most difficult age to be because it’s so weird. anything from 15 onwards is either a nothing or a milestone. (15, pmr, actual studying, upper secondary, 16 – the sweet, 17, spm, leaving school, 18, legal to do lots of stuff, 20, not a teenager anymore, 21, vote, and another bunch of stuff becoming legal, before a lul from 22-24, until, there, you go, 25, quarter-life, mid-twenties, you’re not a kid anymore.)
    but 19 sits between several milestones. the sudden nothingness is like the time spent in the middle of jumping across a chasm. will you make it wont you make it…
    and then you’re suddenly supposed to be a person. you’re 20. not a teenager and on your way to finding your place in life.
    if not for the back problems, it makes 27 look like a cakewalk.

    soporific | 20/02/08 06:48 PM

  2. Soporific – What, 25 not a kid anymore? (sniff)

    I think 19 was pretty much a blur for me – I can’t recall anything significant about it. 20 was a bit more interesting at least: the start of writing the number “2” in answer to questions about one’s age, and it somehow made one feel more adult-ish.

    I liked being 23. Nice number, favourite Jimmy Eat World song, not too old and not too young either.

    Strizzt | 20/02/08 07:43 PM

  3. see what i mean about 19? it’s limbo.

    23 was good, i remember that too. i just started work and everyone was going – 23? you’re a baby! and it felt good to be on par with pple much older.

    now though, it feels like evolution, baby.

    soporific | 25/02/08 11:47 AM

  4. Soporific – Gosh, now that you’ve mentioned it – 23 does feel a long time ago. I blame work for this…

    Strizzt | 25/02/08 07:32 PM

  5. well, it’s a convenient bogeyman isnt it?

    soporific | 29/02/08 01:06 AM

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