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Leave it all up in the air.

Outside, the garden is pitch black – strangely devoid of the soft rustling of leaves – lights from passing cars draw brief lines along windows – the air stagnant and warm, the atmosphere hardly excitable.

Inside, fingers wandering silently over the keyboard – feeling the slightly rounded edges of selected keys – pausing at various letters and numbers – hovering, pondering, which ones to strike and which ones not.

In between, a thin grey line separating fantasy from reality; or it could be reality from fantasy, actually. Goes either way, but to different effects at times.

Wonder no more, for writers get a bulk of material from real life for your viewing pleasure: screaming kids running round in circles at reunion dinners; relatives that turn hostile and gladly haul each other to court, Murphy’s law swinging into full action at every other opportunity, guy proposes to his girl through a RM40k highway billboard, Erica Barry choosing Harry Sanborn over Julian Mercer…

It cannot be, but there you go. Splutter.

Details of this entry.Saturday, February 16, 2008, filed under Musings.
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  1. you should visit salman rushdie’s essay/speech on how fiction tries to achieve the same thing as journalism.


    or at least a version of it.

    soporific | 20/02/08 06:42 PM

  2. Soporific – Hm.. will try to google for it. This makes a decent read as well:

    Strizzt | 20/02/08 07:36 PM

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