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In the groove.

Even dragons think about it all the time, too.

I am so, so, glad to be able to see my love every day. I am afraid this may turn out to be only a temporary occurence, but I aim to savour it as much as I can, while it lasts.

It is even sweeter now that I am beginning to have some time both for myself, and for you.

Work used to get in the way – when the bulk of it hammers into my head stubbornly during peak periods, latching on to my frazzled thoughts like a deadly disease – and so I needed to learn to let go.

Blue, blue skies – oh, how I heart thee.

“Oh, just to let you know we’ve raised our prices a little – we now charge students RM30 for a haircut.”

I dumbly fished out a RM50 note from my pocket and handed it over to the chirpy cashier.

“Thanks, and Happy Chinese New Year to you!” she smiled, returning me my change of RM20.

I managed a smile – or a grimace, I know not which – in return, not daring to utter anything else.

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  1. student?

    soporific | 29/01/08 09:11 PM

  2. Soporific – Well.. :D

    Strizzt | 30/01/08 07:16 PM

  3. aiyoh! since 2000, your hairstyle sama saja! lemme cut it for you for only rm10 lah! way cheaper.

    echobrainless | 04/02/08 02:22 PM

  4. Echobrainless – RM10! Not free of charge meh. :D And it’s not since 2000, I think my hairstyle has always been like that – ie, er, no style at all.

    Strizzt | 04/02/08 07:48 PM

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