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Almost six years now. In fact, it is time for yet another round of twenty questions, but I doubt there is any point to it anymore – it is just you and me, now – all two of us.

I am missing some of you.

I must admit that I find this strange – most of you I have never met, but you feel more… real, somehow. Simply because we shared the same interests, exchanged emails for a while, dropped comments here and there, and then, poof! you are gone – only to suddenly pop up half a year or so later, with words that make me smile.

And that usually makes my day.

In that sense, there is no denying it, then – you really are real – because, well, people do come and go all the time, anyway.

Those just happen under different circumstances.

Thirty-six requests and counting...

This is really, really, evil. I now log in every day, but care not at all for my own profile – but to peek at others’, look at their photos, and see who are their newly-added friends.

So no: I am quite sure I am human and not a bloody vampire/zombie/slayer/colour; I have no penchant for dim sum at all; I stay clear off high-maintenance, Tamagotchi-like applications that require me to feed and care for them; I do not know how to play poker; and I surely do not need a quiz to tell me I am (ahem) Peter Petrelli.

I would not mind more hugs, however – the other day, a male friend patted my back and my mind had to interpret it as sexual harassment.

Yep. I wonder how long can I keep up with this charade.

Two weeks ago, during dinner with some friends:

“I’m surprised you’re not whipping out your camera to take pictures of the food.”

“I don’t do that!!!”

“Yeah, but you take pictures of books.”


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  1. Well, keeping up a blog is tough, especially a personal one. It doesn’t take too long before you realize you don’t really have that much to say or that you can say it in a better way than just, say posting a link to someone else’s take on the subject.

    Well, six years is a long time and you still haven’t resorted to random food and friend pictures yet

    Mint | 28/12/07 12:33 PM

  2. Mint – Fire’s burning out – this year I didn’t even manage 100 entries! Ah well. Then again, my life IS quite unexciting.

    Heh. Thing is, I do like taking pictures – just not of random stuff. For me, photography is not about taking 210345 snapshots of everything (which has, incidentally, been made easier with digital cameras now).

    Strizzt | 28/12/07 09:10 PM

  3. mint, are you implying that strizzt doesnt have anything to say?:)

    anyway, as isaac brock says, fire it up, fire it up, if you need some covnersation…

    soporific | 09/01/08 10:37 AM

  4. Well then again, some times I really have got nothing to say… :P

    Strizzt | 09/01/08 07:41 PM

  5. “…then, poof! you are gone – only to suddenly pop up half a year or so later”

    why do I feel a lil guilty? =)

    And yes, photography isn’t what it used to be. I kinda miss the not-too-long ago days when you’d have to get your shot right before snapping it.

    Most of the people I work with agree digital has made them lousier and lazier photographers. Ironically, they also say they’ve got many more prized pics thanks to the ability to rapid fire and clown around. I suppose when you snap 200000 frames 1 good shot in 50 would still get you a truckload.

    Me? I’m still sticking with my Nikon FM2n; like the old full-manual feel. Though that Leica DSLR that looks like an old-skool manual does turn me on… Someday, maybe.

    Kheldar | 11/01/08 10:25 PM

  6. Kheldar – Hi. :P I’m glad you felt guilty – well, I guess you got the bait. Muahahaha.

    Whoa – that’s quite an, erm, old camera you’ve got there… I have a manual too – it served me well when I was in uni.

    I only take pictures of blue skies now…

    Strizzt | 12/01/08 10:02 AM

  7. Gasp! You mean that post was dangling from a hook for all your Houdinis to latch on to? Damn, did anyone else fall for it or was I the only sucker? =)

    Sorry la for the escape artist routine. My work doesn’t always take me near a computer and an internet connection. =P But whenever I am connected to the rest of the world, I do make it a point to pop by. Yes, yes, which isn’t very often. Guilty as charged.

    Yes, it’s an old camera. And I’m wondering what word you originally wanted to substitute “old” with =P

    Ah yes. Miss Blue Skies. Hehe. You should try doing a video time-lapse of the sky sometime. A good excuse as any to spend time staring at the sky. =)

    Kheldar | 15/01/08 04:07 AM

  8. Kheldar – What? Work that doesn’t take you near computers? (Not that it’s impossible, but it just doesn’t really sound like you!) Unless, of course, you’re now uhm… going behind cameras and dollies and…

    Oh, I was thinking the word “ancient” but that would be pushing it a bit too far. :D

    I got your email, heh. Thanks, that put a smile on my face (shows just how often I get emails)…

    Strizzt | 16/01/08 07:28 PM

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