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Okay, I have to be honest.

I have been both busy and lazy.

In actual fact, it translates to this, really: all has been same old, same old.

Work. Routines. Backaches. Traffic jams. Deficiencies. Thunderstorms. Attrition. Frustration. Goodbyes. Life.

Your irregular Rantglass updates will continue uninterrupted. Unless I find courage to put up my miserable end-of-year best-of “lists”. If they can qualify as even lists, to begin with. Oh, woe is me.

It is not even Chinese New Year, but already I am getting this:

“You’re never going to get married, are you?”

I think I may have been poisoned. The powers of persuasion and wordplay, and the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot – I am driven mad. It was only a proposal at first: but it festers in the mind, opening up myriad possibilities and letting you indulge in some wishful thinking – so much so that when you actually say no, you cannot help but still feel disappointed anyway.

I fell in love again
All things go, all things go
Drove to Chicago
All things know, all things know

As good as gone.

If Broken Social Scene is really going to be in Singapore for the Mosaic Music Festival next year, I am so going to be there. Now, I just need to find someone I can tag along with.

Mr Tweedy, can you come here too, please?

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  1. you’ll get married someday =)

    ezwan | 09/12/07 09:12 PM

  2. Ezwan – Haaaaa, I wouldn’t bet on it. ;)

    Strizzt | 10/12/07 07:34 PM

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