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Forgetting to breathe.

Forgetting to breathe.

emerges from a pile of paperwork, Lingo scripts, graphic files and the like

Well, hello.

dives back into her work

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my days lately. And I have actually yet to switch to this month’s intended layout. Darn. Unfortunately, I also missed out on a handful of beautiful days, complete with blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Sigh.

A few weeks back, I was still able to pay a visit to the cinema, laughing at inane dialogues such as “Run,” that was followed by an equally unenthusiastic “There,” as big, walking robots proceeded to make a fleshy sandwich out of the two main characters of the movie. Now, I think I need saving. Where is my long-elusive hero?

I am surprised that people actually know me. Apparently, people talk about me behind my back. It does not really explain the annoying twitching of my left eyelid that happened a while back, or the strings of sneezes I got not too long ago. From what I gathered, both the good and bad about me made the topic of conversations, so I suppose it is all… bad. Then there is the matter of others automatically switching to English whenever I am around, before I even jumped into their discussion – because they know that I do not speak Mandarin that well.

So much for attempting to keep a low profile… Obviously I would have to do better than that. How can I ever blend in seamlessly and just be another speck of dust in this ‘universe’? And why do people still look at me oddly, as though I have a small, green, one-eyed creature with three flailing antennas casually sitting on my right shoulder?... unless I look like one.

All this makes me overly conscious about myself, does it not? I wonder if that is a good or a bad thing.

For now, there are a couple of things I am looking forward to: a good, well-earned break, the next season of Amazing Race, and next month’s premiere of Matrix Reloaded on HBO.

I am at a loss as to how to get hold of the wonderful 10-disc box set, though. Whatever happened to our IMAX theatre, anyway?

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