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She wants to rule the world, too.

I do not seek to embrace nor welcome it with open arms.

And so, as a (stubborn) creature of routine and predictability, I must believe that I am safely comfortable with what I have now.

But at times, the mere idea, or even suggestion of, change scares me – so much so that I am inclined to think that the world that I thought I knew, can potentially be turned into an absolute state of the unknown.

It opens up infinite possibilities, falling all over you onto many different places, in many different ways.

Much like the miniature snow globes kids play at gift shops. The “nice to see, nice to hold; once broken, considered sold” signs are pointedly disregarded. They carefully take it off the shelf, gingerly turn it upside down and turn it again the right side up (or if they are of the impatient kind, just shake it about), marvel at the slow and feathery little white things floating in it, then slowly place it back on the shelf, gazing at it longingly as their mothers gently lead them away. The scenery within stays the same, but something else happens.

Snow falls. As it usually does in Chicago come December.

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