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In the arena.

Shows on this national television channel never start on time, but argh! I knew this would happen again – someone just loves to fiddle around with the scheduling.

Pray tell, who – at the ungodly hours of 12.45am, Mondays – would stay up to watch Jack Bauer save his country? Only two episodes into season six of 24 and they have to do this.


Then our lovely satellite television network makes us exercise our fingers by reshuffling their channel numbers and packages. Along with it, one of my favourite channels gets moved to another package – one to which we are not subcribed to.

No more Hotel Babylon and (reruns of) Later… with Jools Holland then.

Out of the blue, we are greeted with not just one but two Amazing Races – both starting this month. Overload, overload.

This is it. No modern-day heroes cautiously utilising their special abilities; no castaways running about their mystery island.

My days with the idiot box – over.

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  1. Thankfully we get Jack Bauer at 9pm on Sundays on Sky One. Well, we will come February… They’d best not move it!

    Nikki-ann | 06/11/07 06:08 AM

  2. Nikki-ann – Perhaps 24 isn’t very popular here as it never gets the prime time slots (and instead gets tossed around with different show times!).

    Strizzt | 06/11/07 07:24 PM

  3. yes, denounce tv! let’s do film instead. speaking of which, now only getting matrix boxset ah?

    soporific | 11/11/07 12:25 PM

  4. Soporific – I did get the set with the resin bust long time ago – some of the DVDs in that set (somehow/over time) konked out. Which is why I had to get another boxset.

    Strizzt | 11/11/07 08:15 PM

  5. i watched 24 episodes of 24 in 2 days… season 6 took me 4 days though… getting old for this >_<

    cant wait for season 7 (pray hope the writers strike end soon!)

    azxel | 13/11/07 05:46 PM

  6. Azxel – Just watching the three Lord of the Rings movies in three days is tiring enough for me. I doubt I can handle the 24 marathon as well as you did!

    I wish they’d switch 24 back to a more bearable timeslot…

    Strizzt | 13/11/07 06:57 PM

  7. asking for 24 to to be on a more bearable timeslot has that tinge of irony that’s rather ticklish.

    soporific | 27/11/07 04:17 PM

  8. Soporific – Aiyahhh.. they put such a popular show on an unpopular timeslot! Where can…

    Strizzt | 27/11/07 07:26 PM

  9. i know la. but it’s 24. u know… 24…

    soporific | 29/11/07 12:24 PM

  10. Soporific – Oh. Okay, okay. :D

    Strizzt | 29/11/07 07:44 PM

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