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Spatial perception.


It is still moving in one direction for me, despite claims that it goes the other way – or that it goes both ways.

Apparently you can even will it to move in whichever way you prefer, too.

I have been staring at it for a good few minutes; my head is pounding like mad, and I am feeling very uncomfortable now.

No. I do not get it.

I resorted to trying all sorts of silly tricks to make it go the other way – scroll the page furiously up and down, read the accompanying text, focus on the animated advertisements, scan the sidebars, wave the mouse cursor all over every possible pixel there is, come back to it again every few minutes – it is all in vain.

Then there were the few split seconds that I thought it really did go the other way, when I pretended to be focusing on various miscellaneous objects away from the screen, looking at it from the very corner of my eye. I have never found the film of dust accumulating on my desk, two non-working Furbies, the labels on the many boxes stacked haphazardly in this study-cum-storeroom I am in now, any more interesting previously.

But I cannot be sure.

The comments on the page are equally amusing (then again, so are the reviews at IMDB for last year’s instalment of the Man of Steel – ah, but I sidetracked).

Maybe it is true. You cannot always deny who you are. But what if for that briefest of moments, you can?

No. Still that way.

Go here, and argh! – tell me I am not the only one having trouble deciphering this.

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  1. It’s only going clockwise for me.

    That said, there are as you said, the split moments where it feels like its going the other way.

    Only happens when I stare intently at the dancer’s foot.

    Otherwise my brain is stuck in clockwise.

    Actually. Now i’m beginning to question what is clockwise and anticlockwise.

    Keen | 21/10/07 04:38 PM

  2. Keen – Clockwise for me, too – despite all the intense stares I’ve done…

    Though, I have better luck today in making it go the other way by looking at it out of the corner of my eye again. I feel better now. :D

    Strizzt | 22/10/07 07:35 PM

  3. What?? It’s anti-clockwise wut. Duh. Everybody knows everything spins anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere… How’d I get it to spin the other way? Have to learn how to program in Flash ah?

    Wong | 23/10/07 11:26 AM

  4. Wong – Hmph. You’re just making a futile attempt to be like the commentators on that page. :P

    Strizzt | 23/10/07 07:41 PM

  5. * laughs
    how delightful. I see an indecisive dancer.

    Strizzt : Don’t know if it’d help, but try switching your focal eye. She really does go both ways =)

    Kheldar | 26/10/07 05:15 PM

  6. Kheldar – It’s 99.9% clockwise for me! Though there seems to be the rare, split second moments where I think she does go the other way, I can never be sure.

    Strizzt | 26/10/07 07:58 PM

  7. Seems to run clockwise all the time for me as well.

    Mint | 29/10/07 10:45 AM

  8. Mint – Hurrah! So based on that result, do you think it describes you… accurately?

    Strizzt | 29/10/07 09:32 PM

  9. The way it moves depends on your brain I guess. At a glance it moves clockwise but if I focus on it, it moves counter-clockwise… or was it the other way around.. hehe.. cant recall.

    Hey! I enjoyed Superman Returns! :P Cant wait for Superman: Man of Steel :D

    azxel | 30/10/07 10:27 AM

  10. Azxel – No matter how much I focus on the dancer, she still wouldn’t change directions!

    Superman Returns had pretty good special effects, but I thought there were a few silly plotholes. Maybe I was just nitpicking, hehe. ;)

    Strizzt | 30/10/07 06:29 PM

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