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Then a sheer drop.

Somehow or other, what with the long weekend and all – that day went by without fully registering in my mind, again.

Things have not been all that different, really. I still function almost like a mindless drone, drilled with one objective in mind: to get things done, and done right – no matter what it takes, nor how long it takes – even if it means having to dream about work for many nights.

They are not nightmares at least, but they can be rather annoying. It feels so real – the frantic clicking of the mouse, the quick switching between windows, the brief elation of finally getting work close to completion – and then I wake up unable to believe that I must jump straight back to work again.

“I’m 24-lah.”
“Gosh! We’ve always thought that you’re, like, 26 or 28.”
“Great, so I look that old to you, huh?”

(I wonder how this conversation will go when I really hit 26 later.)

But outside of work – relatives and neighbours say I look like your average schoolgirl. Well. You win some, you lose some.

Truth be told, however – I think I now feel more comfortable, more at ease, with what I do. But being a part of the workforce still scares me sometimes. With added expectations often comes added responsibilities. And that, I am not ready for yet.

Absolute feel-good times are rare to come by. Work is not meant to be fun, but I know it can be possible.

Hi. My name is Strizzt, and I am still a workaholic.

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